how to overcome writer’s block


Writing is one activity which sounds and looks very easy until you have to pick up your pen to start writing and then it’s the other way round. Writing involves using written words to express ideas, opinions, thoughts, experience, etc.

Every single person that picks up a pen to start writing must in the first place have something to write about or better still holding a pen would inspire or bring about an idea to write about. It normal to start writing and then at a point there is this blockage where inspiration seizes to flow, you ran out of ideas and everything is just frustrating which would eventually lead to you abandoning the piece you were writing. Like this is so normal and it can be annoying and disturbing.

First we have to identity some causes to writer’s block

  • Wrong timing
  • Fear
  • Too many ideas at once
  • Lack of focus
  • Perfectionism [when you want everything to just be perfect instead of focusing on how it would come about]

Here are some steps or rather what I do to avoid having this “writer’s block”

  • First things first inspiration; inspiration is a thing of nature, music just name it every single thing around us. When am writing a piece and the suddenly get stuck what do I do? I go back to what inspired me to write about that in the first place then find myself some music to back that process up, then think about a scene to push my thoughts into words and start writing and in no time am back on track.
  • Voice recording; this has helped me a lot, its normal that when one start writing we get ideas rushing in like all at once and at that point in time one is just so anxious and happy that you would want to put it all down at once, but the truth is when this happens you need to give yourself a break so as not to miss a point or even confuse your story due to so many ideas; when this happens I just put on my voice recorder and get my ideas recorded  so as not to mix up my ideas and get stuck at a point, after doing this I listen carefully to myself and  get going with my writing.
  • Read a book, when I am stuck in writing I usually pick up another book just to put myself on track and be inspired to continue.
  • Also there are times when I want to write but then nothing seems to be flowing in, what I do when I have this blockage is to get myself settled, I either take a stroll to clear my head, listen to music or watch a movie [it’s funny how I get inspiration from movie scenes] after doing one of these I always come up with something to write about.
  • images-1
  • One important thing I also do when I have this blockage at the middle of a writing, first I forget that am writing about something and take a break then after some hours or the next day I go back to the beginning and think about why I started and what I wanted to drive at, this process usually leads to changing the story line but then I don’t mind it’s for the better.
  • Lastly I feel the only way to avoid blockage when writing is to stay inspired, find what inspires you to write and stay with it, try not to divert when writing and don’t push so much ideas at once, be calm and all things would work well.

Writing is a process that includes inspiration, passion and focus.  One thing I want all writer to know is that you don’t have to be inspired to write just start it the inspiration to complete it would flow. When you are faced with a blockage when writing it’s important not to panic and have it at the back of your mind that you are not the only one its happening to and most importantly don’t give up because ideas are not flowing now does not mean it won’t flow later, just keep revisiting it and it will flow just as needed.

I hope this article helped a lot and feel free to add your ideas and comments too.


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