Random thought on love

I stumbled on this popular quote people always say and decided to think deep about it;

 “if you love someone let them go if they really love you they will come back”
Let’s look at this like really is that true. Pushing away someone will it really bring them back or will it just push the person away forever?
There is this quote that explains it all:

“Pushing away doesn’t cause things to come together, all it causes is for things to be pushed away”

Shea McCullough
I guess that’s the mistake most people make, thinking if you just push this person away for sometime maybe they will come back or whatever. Truly it might work but in some cases the person might never return, have you forgotten we are humans and we think differently; what you are thinking about might not be what the other person is thinking about, he might be taking it differently and thinking you are ignoring him or something and that can lead to the loss of a relationship or friendship.

  In my own advice I won’t say one should not do it but be careful how long you push away and the way you behave in that period not to pass the wrong message because if you do it might lead to regret. Just be careful how you do it.


5 thoughts on “Random thought on love

  1. I can relate to this and I think letting people go isn’t the same as pushing them away. How about stopping messaging first, stopping calling more often and staying away. If they really care, they’d find you.

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    • Absolutely I totally agree with you on that but you know some people over do that and forget the concept they are into and go an extra mile and it only destroys the relationship. Thank you dear @preshylala

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