ARTIFICIAL DREADLOCKS: true  hair review and maintenance 

 Dreads: Ever since, have always admired dreads like I really it’s been my dream to have dreads on but then I was so discouraged about having one done because of all the things I heard like it’s going to cut my hair, I have to be on low cut to make it, it’s annoying, not easy to maintain and so many other stuff; I then felt I could never have one done. One day I learnt one could have dreads one I mean artificial dreads like wow I was supper excited.

 I then decided to try it on and wow to my surprise it wasn’t anywhere near all the rumors I heard. Having dreads on is so easy and nice. All you have to do is simple:

* buy the artificial dreads. For mine I used “noble gold” which was just 3500 or 4000 can really remember. Two packs would be enough depending on how long you want it be.

* Look for a very good hair dresser and an experienced one too like mine she is based on works like dreads not one that would be using for for experiment and mess up the whole thing.

* Time; and by time I mean time, you have to be patient like mine took a day and a half so you must be prepared.

* Am glad to say that maintaining dreads is way so easy it’s like keeping your normal hair, you have to wash always brush always to keep it clean and neat. Also please wash with shampoo only it doesn’t need conditional so you won’t break your hair root. it’s important you keep washing so it won’t smell.

* Yeah it’s totally stress free like you can bath with it, swim or whatever you like. Just remember to dry after you are done.

* Remember to always apply hair cream but not too oily cream to avoid been too oily.

* Most importantly always apply moose on the dreads to keep it locked.

* And yeah it’s advisable to wash every two weeks.

* Having dreads on is so amazing like have had mine for months now and the amazing part is the the older it becomes the finer it is. Have never thought about having mine off because I get new comments about how nice it looks everyday.

* Oh yes you can style it anyhow you want, corn rolls, packed up, plated sideways name it anyhow you want. So its absolutely cool and supper easy to maintain.
Having dreads one is one of the best things that has happened to me, have had mine for four 4 months now and I don’t have plans letting it go. 

So if by chance you want to get dreads on without it damaging your hair it’s totally cool just make it artificial and also if you have more questions about dreads please feel free to ask me I would be more than glad to be of help.

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