The ephemeral joys of childhood 

I remember the days I was wishing for the things I have now like wow it’s so amazing. As a child then I was so full of thoughts, I literally had my adult hood pictured in my head; how it would be like,what I would do each day, have my own house, car and so many like I had my future planned. It’s so funny when I just remember all I had planned then; I had imaginary cool college friends, a very cute and loving boyfriend like wow I really planned it.
    Now living all I planned became so difficult, I realized there was more to life I mean growing up life which I never imagined. I was so busy planning out the perfect life I didn’t even think of the problems I might face….well I guess because as I child I had no problems. I didn’t think about how difficult it would be in the adult world how you would be judged by people especially friends, how I have to dress well I mean spending a lot on clothing, boyfriend cheating and breaking my heart No I didn’t think on all those all I wanted was the fantasy life filled with all the good things I could imagine. 

    It’s funny now how I miss been a child like wow I didn’t have any problems, didn’t have fake friends like we were all children playing with one big happy heart oh yes we have fights but trust me ends even before I could spell my name, I must say I really miss been a child. There was joy been a child, freedom to play and live life without been judged, no stress like if I had a choice right now I would love to be a child again and forget all the problems of been an adult.

     I miss being a child, no one cared how you dressed, like we were all friends and we could be ourselves without judging each other and yes I had true friends.


*No problems 

*No hates

*No shame 

*No stress

*No heartbreaks

*No school

*Life was easier 

I miss all these, the joy of been a child then but as a child I was so engrossed hoping for the perfect future instead of enjoying it to the fullest. But if there is one thing I learnt growing up and being an adult it’s “maturity” learning to walk away from people and situations that threaten my peace of mind, self respect, values, morals and self worth. 
If there is one thing am glad I had in my life am glad I had a joyful childhood and if I could go back just for a day I would be very happy and fulfilled.

#childhood #wish #children
Do you also miss your childhood?



4 thoughts on “The ephemeral joys of childhood 

  1. Am so happy for you like so happy
    I wish I could say exactly what you say and not that my grown up life is terrible I just miss the old days when life was ablot easier. Anyways am so happy for u dear you have got real friends


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