Three Days’ Quote Challenge (Day 2)

Once again I would like to thank Sure Scribbles  and most importantly the wounded healerfor nominating me for this challenge.

I’ll be posting three quotes for three consecutive days. My quotes will all be bysorin cerin. Day 2

“The most important factor in man’s life is hope.”

“In our existence, absolutely anything that would refer to its self, as evil to evil and good to good would lead to the annulment of the actual reference, so it is absolutely necessary for a final referent to exist, that is in no way the same as the reference.”

“Absolutely any image reflected in man’s self is a phenomenon. As it is not possible to speak of two human selves, we can neither speak of two identical phenomenon such as this one, nor of two identical human visions.”
To continue the Challenge I would like to nominate –
1) simple thoughts
2) catching my drifts
3) two writing teachers

The rules are as follows-

1) Thank the person who nominated you.
2) Post 1-3 quotes for 3 consecutive days.
3) Nominate 3 blogs each day for 3 consecutive days.

Hope you enjoy the challenge! All the best


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