Children’s Day: lend a helping hand


My junior sister got back from school yesterday and asked for food, I told her it was almost done but she kept crying saying she was very hungry. I looked at her and said to myself ‘this girl is very fortunate’ there are many children out there on the street some younger or even older than she was who has seen hungry as a way of life even some barely have one square meal and there she is having more than enough every day.
On my way to work the next day, I saw some kids around the dump playing and picking up trash I felt very down inside thinking of a way to help them out. Luckily for me on my way back home they were still there I got down from the taxi and went straight to them and gave them the little money I had on me, I could see the smiles on their faces and they could not stop appreciating.
I then thought to myself if every individual will just remove the mentality and the selfish ‘me and my family’ factor and make it a responsibility to give to the needy every day, then this world would be a better place. Let’s think of it if every child on the street is cared for this world would be a better place and now is a good time to even care more as it’s almost children’s day.
We all know the 27th of May is always children’s day and it’s a good opportunity to show love and care for the kids around, let’s put a smile on their faces and give each child a memorable children’s day. I know a lot of parents are ready to spend a lot on their kids but how many will give to the needy a memorable children’s day. It’s no doubt that some of them has never experienced the fun in the day.
No amount is too small, even the least you give will put smiles on their faces, it may look small but their prayers for you will definitely reach heaven.
I strongly encourage everyone to lend a helping hand to a child out there and put a smile on their faces.


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