Does it really matter what people call you, what they say of you, or even what they see you as? I want us to understand that people are always there for reasons; to correct us, mock us, laugh at us, encourage us even support us etc. These things cannot be avoided as it now left for one to prove them wrong. But then let me ask? What they call you does it really determine you? Do you have to follow the crowd just to keep their mouths shut? NO! You don’t have to, they mock us to correct us and we are to hid to correction to be a better person or when they laugh at you ignore them and not join them. Learn to make a stand yourself.
What you call and see as yourself really matters and am sure you are wondering what do I mean by what you call yourself; well I don’t mean our actual names and talking about getting a name that would trigger the best out of you let me give you some examples; star, light, determination, success, achiever etc. These are the types of names am talking about trust me they help to bring out the best in you and encourage you. I have tried this and it worked for me excellently well and let me share my story.
Back in high school I had this teacher who was determined to bring out the best out of her students passionately then she came up with this strategy” what do you call yourself” at first we were all lost till she explained and gave us time to think and report with our names the next class, and by the next class I hadn’t still gotten a name that was when it dawned on me I started thinking and thinking but all that came to my head had been taken then I gave up and went to visit a friend in the next class there I saw a textbook on her desk and decided to flip through there I saw the picture of an eagle and few of its characteristics were written beneath and I just decided to go by the name eagle; at the end of her class she called us one after the other and asked for our names and when it was my turn I smiled and said “Eagle” immediately my mates started laughing at me and saying the name was ridiculous but then the teacher smiled and said what a wonderful name then she said to me “are you sure you can live like an Eagle” I had no response to her at that time. Getting home that day I was determined to prove my mates wrong and I listed out all the characteristics of an eagle and how it will help me be better and I pasted it in my room to cut the long story short at the end of the day I came out among the best and I went back to tell the teacher “yes I can live like an Eagle” and trust me till today am still an Eagle in my world.

What am trying to say is you can boost yourself confidence by giving yourself a challenging name you should settle down and choose a name that you think will push out the best in you and not just a name choose one that you know the characteristics will encourage you and then begin to act it out, wake up every morning and say call your name and boost out your confidence, in your classroom, office or where ever stand out just as implied by your name, don’t give up for any reason remember people are there for reasons.
I want to end by encouraging everyone young or old to choose a name to define you and your world. What you see and call yourself as is what really defines you. I will admonish you to give this a try it has worked for me and many others so what won’t it work for you. #life # life lessons #facts #serenefacts

Now let me ask you this question; WHAT DO YOU CALL YOURSELF? Please answer that sincerely.


13 thoughts on “WHAT DO YOU CALL YOURSELF?

  1. What an interesting post! My old username that I used to use for everything had the word “super” in it. I think some people found it a bit odd or arrogant, but like you said, I think it really motivated me to live up to the name and be as super and amazing as I could be.

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  2. I really enjoyed your post. It gave me lots to think about.

    I admire many of the teachings of a woman named Byron Katie. One of her sayings is that what other people think about us is none of our business. I think that is a helpful thing to remember because what other people think of us about them not about us.

    Many years ago I asked my spiritual teacher to name me. She named me Karuna. That is a Sanskrit word that means compassion. It does exactly what you said, i.e. pushes me to bring out the best in myself.

    Welcome to the WordPress community!

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